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Ruckus: Procedural CAD for Weirdos

What is this?

Ruckus is a language for describing solid 2D and 3D objects.

Why would I want to describe such things in text?


  • It's easier to precisely express certain kinds of things in text.
  • You can apply software engineering techniques, such as abstraction and generic code, to building physical objects.
  • You can bring the full weight of text processing and generation tools to bear on CAD, starting with good version control.

Is this a new idea?

Not really. In the open source space, OpenSCAD kicked off the current round of fascination with this idea.

Why not use OpenSCAD?

Please do!

In my experience, OpenSCAD degrades quickly in unexpected ways when designs become too complex (e.g. rendering a blank screen instead of an object when one parameter changes slightly). Its design language is underspecified for my taste, leading to silent failures if you forget to initialize a variable or omit a function parameter.

So I built something different that better-suited my taste.

Tell me more.

I suggest reading the documentation.


Procedural CAD for Weirdos







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