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REGister Globaly Access Everywhere is a package which helps in common DevOps tasks relying on CBSD for management of jails and virtual machines on FreeBSD. If you have ever used Vagrant or Docker Compose, Reggae is best described as an alternative to those. It enables you easy development inside jail while code editing is done on the host. It makes transition from development to production easier by using provisioners. It makes host clean of all requirements of development environment and puts them inside jail which is easily stopped, started, provisioned, and destroyed. Using only make and sh on the system and cbsd and sudo from packages, makes it really small and easy to extend.


To install Reggae run the following as root:

pkg install reggae
reggae host-init
# service pflog restart
# service pf restart
# service sshd restart
reggae backend-init
reggae network-init

Through config file in /usr/local/etc/reggae.conf you can change values for anything Reggae is using. If you want to use CBSD for jail management instead of base, you should set BACKEND=cbsd in reggaer.conf. Ater reggae network-init, you'll get jail with DHCP and DNS which is used to lease IPs to jails and virtual machines and to register all resources in DNS so that you can use FQDN instead of IP addresses. The DNS jail IP is used in /etc/resolvconf.conf, so that changes of network parameters are passed to the appropriate jail. Also, host will use DNS jail IP in /etc/resolv.conf. In short, it enables you to not remember jail IPs when you have to use them, but use <jail name>.<domain> to reference them, in which case comes from /usr/local/etc/reggae.conf.

Or you can just see it all in action, first!

Getting started


First, create empty directory for your jail/service and initialize it.

mkdir myservice
cd myservice
reggae init

It will create the simplest Reggae config. When you run make, you'll get jail named myservice. If you want to name it differently, change SERVICE = myservice line in Makefile.

Running make will invoke make up and if it is the first time you run it, make provision will also be executed.

Supported make targets for the service type are:

  • destroy
  • devel
  • exec
  • export
  • login
  • provision
  • setup
  • up

Special note for the devel target: your repo must have bin/ which be ran inside jail. Also, devel will only work if you have DEVEL_MODE=YES in your in service root. If you use it inside a project, project's DEVEL_MODE will be propagated.

Service can be provisioned with the supported provisioners to speed up jail setup.


Create empty directory and initialize it.

mkdir myproject
cd myproject
reggae project-init

One project can contain many services, and that's going to be shown in the generated Makefile. The SERVICES variable in it will be commented but populated with example services. All services when downloaded will be in services/<service> directory.

Supported make targets for the project type are:

  • destroy
  • devel
  • fetch
  • init
  • login service=<service>
  • provision
  • setup
  • up

Special note for the devel target: your repo must have bin/ which be ran on the host. All project targets can be suffixed with service=<service> but in the above list only those which require a service are explicitely mentioned. If the service is passed as an argument, the target will be executed only on that service/jail.