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Welcome to the 📺 ConsoleZ project.

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ConsoleZ is a Windows console window enhancement. It is a fork of Console project.

Console features include:

  • multiple tabs
  • text editor-like text selection
  • different background types (solid color, image, fake transparency)
  • configurable font
  • different window styles

ConsoleZ features include:

  • Splitting Tabs into views (horizontally and vertically)
  • Grouping views (so input sent to one goes to all of them)
  • Windows Vista aero glass theme
  • Windows 7 jump list
  • Windows 8 wallpapers on dual screen
  • Zooming with Ctrl-Mouse
  • Quake style console animation
  • Strict mono-space font rendering
  • Settable opacity of text background color
  • Full screen
  • Typographic ligatures
  • Snippets
  • and more...

NOTE: ConsoleZ is NOT a shell. Therefore, it does not implement shell features like command-line completion, syntax coloring, command history, etc.

ConsoleZ is simply a nice-looking front end for a shell of your choice (cmd.exe, 4NT, bash, etc.) Other command-line utilities can also be used as 'shells' by ConsoleZ.

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