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A Javascript UI library inspired by Elm
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This is functional programming pattern inspired by the Elm Architecture for building user interfaces.

To get it running:

git clone
cd elmish
npm install
ln -s .. node_modules/elmish
node server.js
open http://localhost:3000/

Check out entry.js to select the example you want to run and work your way through the tutorial.


  • Abstraction
    • It should be trivial to reuse UI components without rewriting them.
    • You should be able to create N instances of your app side-by-side without iframes.
    • Virtual DOM and data fetching requests ought to composable.
  • Pure, Stateless, and Declarative
    • The UI should be a pure function of state.
    • There should be no side-effects tied to the render cycle.
    • Declare what your want, not how to do it.
    • No global variables.
  • Serializable States and Actions
    • Trivial event tracking
    • Send states and actions to the server on any runtime exceptions.
    • Record user sessions and run predictive testing.
    • Time-travelling debugger.
    • Record and save flows to different corners of the app.
    • Generative testing by using the app.
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