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Away with configuration frameworks!

(another Rantware™ production by Cees de Groot)


Configuration files are big buckets of crap in any project that's less trivial than "hello, world". If you would look at them as code, they would not pass muster:

  • Unrelated concerns in a single file
  • No, or "meh" type safety
  • IDEs don't understand them

In all shops where I worked the last decade or so, configuration files were checked in with the code anyway. So you need a release cycle to change them. Might as well then solve these issues and hardcode everything.


The library lets you say:

class DatabasePool(env: Environment) {
  // Configure client pool size: prod, lt have 50, all the rest have 2
  val clientPoolSize = EnvLocal("CLIENT_POOLSIZE", (PROD, LT) -> 50, DEFAULT -> 2)
  def setup = {

You hardcode the run-time values with the code, it's type safe, your IDE understands it, and you understand it. I threw in the first string (optional) so you can specify an environment variable to override the hardcoded values (see also This is the whole of the library API.

How to integrate

Use JitPack


This code is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See the included LICENSE file for details.