Interactively create perceptually uniform colormaps
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Interactively create perceptually uniform colormaps. This GUI application allows one to visualize the Msh colorspace and to design perceptually uniform trajectories with constant M and linear s. The parameters of these trajectories can then be used to construct colormaps for data visualization (see the MshRainbow colormap in DgView for an example).

For more information on the Msh colorspace and perceptual uniformity in colormaps, see Diverging Color Maps for Scientific Visualization.


MshExplorer is written in Scala and Java and uses JavaFX. It therefore requires a Java SE 7 (or later) JDK and JavaFX 2.2 (jfxrt.jar is expected to live in $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib). Building MshExplorer requires an SBT launcher compatible with version 0.13.1.


Currently, raster computations and rendering are performed on the JavaFX Application thread. Unfortunately, these operations are expensive even for moderate resolutions, and this causes the the UI to become unresponsive. This is particularly noticable when using the slider to modify M. Future improvements will move this work to another thread (ideally multiple threads).