A starting point for new Genesis projects. Built for Genesis 2.4+ and WordPress 4.7+.
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Bones for Genesis 2.0

My fork of eddiemachado's Bones for Genesis. Built for Genesis 2.4+ and WordPress 4.7+.

A starting point for new Genesis projects. This is a starter child theme, not a dependency. Clone it. Fork it. Hack it for your own projects. Build cool things on the web.

Issues and pull requests are welcome and will be addressed.

Note: As of v2.2.0, BFG uses Grunt instead of Codekit and Bower instead of Git submodules. Apologies for the extra dependencies, but I believe this is a step toward fewer compile errors and less painful project management.

To Get Started

You'll need Node.js, Grunt, and Bower.

git clone https://github.com/cdukes/bones-for-genesis-2-0.git genesis-bfg
cd genesis-bfg
npm update --save-dev && bower update --save

All functions are prefixed with bfg. Do a find-and-replace to align the these function names to your project's prefix.'

Developer Tools (disabled by default)

  • Display database query info in your footer
  • Put the site in maintenance mode for non-admins
  • Grunt:
    • Automatic JS concatenation
    • Automatic JS minification (Uglify)
    • Automatic image optimization (JPEG, PNG, GIF)
    • SASS & Compass support
    • Autoprefixer and CSS minification support
    • Watches for file changes, and notifies on error

Genesis Customizations

  • Enable Genesis 2.0 HTML5 support
  • Enable Genesis 2.0 responsive viewport support (disabled by default)
  • Unregister default Genesis layouts (template, disabled by default)
  • Unregister default Genesis widgets (template, disabled by default)
  • Remove Genesis 'Layout Settings' meta boxes (template, disabled by default)
  • Various other hooks to tweak Genesis's setup, such as footer widget count, menu names, post format support, etc.



  • Submodule for normalize.scss
  • Includes Genesis 2.0 clearfix
  • %clearfix and %image-replacement SASS @extend's
  • Unstyled, nested selections following Genesis 2.0's style.css as a template
  • A skeleton of helpful attribute resets and suggestions

Document Customizations


  • Remove <head> RSD and rel links (updated for Genesis 2.0)
  • X-UA-Compatible tag
  • Template for serving better favicons to iOS and modern browsers
  • Enqueue custom stylesheets
  • Supports an IE-only stylesheet
  • Support the IE6 Universal Stylesheet
  • Supports enqueuing Google Fonts (template, disabled by default)
  • Enqueue jQuery from Google's CDN, with fallback to a local copy.
  • Enqueue custom scripts
  • Specify custom favicon location (template, disabled by default)
  • Add a 'no-js' class to <body>


  • Remove <p> tags from around images
  • Remove [gallery] short code injected styles
  • Customize the post info and meta text (templates, disabled by default)
  • Customize the post navigation link text (templates, disabled by default)
  • Remove the (edit) link


  • Show the archive title and description, even if the Genesis fields for these aren't set (disabled by default)


  • Templates to remove comments, comment forms, pings, and/or all of these (disabled by default)


  • Edit search input box and button text (template, disabled by default)
  • Redirect straight to the search result when there is only one result (disabled by default)
  • Limit searching to only posts (disabled by default)


  • Allow shortcodes in text widgets (disabled by default)
  • Remove 'Recent Comments' widget injected styles


  • Customize the footer 'creds' text (template, disabled by default)
  • Disable pointer events on scroll (template, disabled by default)
  • IE8 icon font fix (template, disabled by default)

Page Templates

  • Force layout option for template (template, disabled by default)

Admin Customizations


  • Prevent the child theme from being overwritten by a WP.org theme of the same name
  • Disable self-pings
  • Add new image sizes, and add them to the media size select menu (templates, disabled by default)
  • Force the Link Manager to be shown/hidden (disabled by default)


  • Change the /wp-login.php logo URL and title to your blog's homepage and name
  • Replace the login logo (template, disabled by default)
  • Make WordPress-generated emails appear 'from' your WordPress site name, instead of from 'WordPress'
  • Make WordPress-generated emails appear 'from' your WordPress admin email address (disabled by default)
  • Remove the 'WP' icon from the admin bar
  • Change the admin panel footer text (template, disabled by default)


  • Only show the admin bar to users who can at least use Posts
  • Disable some or all of the default admin dashboard widgets (template, some disabled by default)
  • Disable some or all of the default widgets (template, some disabled by default)
  • Change the default hidden meta boxes for pages and posts (template, some hidden by default)
  • Add a stylesheet for TinyMCE (disabled by default)
  • Show the TinyMCE kitchen sink by default
  • Change the available formats in TinyMCE (removes h1, h5, h6, address, and pre by default)
  • Add/remove contact methods from user profiles (removes AIM, YahooIM, and Jabber by default)
  • Remove dashboard menus (template, disabled by default)
  • Prevent the failed login notice from specifying whether the username or the password is incorrect
  • Hide the top-right help pull-down button


  • Disable some or all of the default Genesis theme option meta boxes (template, some disabled by default)