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OpenList Chrome Extension

OpenList helps you manage lists of URLs. It's useful if you have a habit of emailing yourself lists of articles or pages to check out later.

With OpenList, you can:

  • select a list of URLs (or search terms) in any web page or textarea, then open them all in new tabs
  • paste a list of URLs (or search terms) into a popup, then open them all in new tabs
  • get a list of all tabs in the current window

The name should probably be changed to something like TabsList, but that's a lot of effort.


Download the extension from the Chrome store. It's free!


Please open an issue on the GitHub issue tracker for this project.


  • v0.3.3: remove redundant addition of context menu item
  • v0.3.2: use Chrome event page instead of persistent background page, for reduced resource usage
  • v0.3.1: fix a bug where Open button sometimes didn't work; appearance updates.
  • v0.3: compatibility and security improvements; new icon.
  • v0.2.2 removes warning when opening many tabs; this caused problems in some cases, and Chrome handles it decently well.
  • v0.2 adds list generation capability & popup to enter a list from elsewhere; improves URL detection
  • v0.1 initial release


MIT. See LICENSE included in this repo.