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A WordPress plugin to quickly toggle plugin activation status from the toolbar.
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Plugin Toggle

Quickly toggle plugin activation status from the toolbar.

Contributors: Brady Vercher, Gary Jones
Requires: 4.4
Tested up to: 4.7
License: GPL-2.0+

For those times when you're too lazy to visit the Plugins screen to toggle a plugin on or off.

It's also helpful when troubleshooting:

This simple plugin is awesome, especially when it comes to diagnosing problems. One of the tenants of troubleshooting WordPress is to disable every plugin and re-enable them one by one in a process of elimination.

Generally, this is accomplished by having the plugin management page in one browser tab with the front end of the website in another. When a plugin is deactivated, switch browser tabs and refresh to see if the problem disappears. Depending on the speed of your site and the number of plugins installed, this can be a cumbersome experience.

-- Jeff Chandler, WP Tavern

Plugin Dropdown Screenshot Toolbar dropdown listing plugins to toggle.


Plugin Toggle is available in the WordPress plugin repository, so it can be installed from within your admin panel.

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