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A symfony ready to code version with backend and frontend
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A symfony ready to code version

The power - out of the box

Ready to Work with :

  • Composer
  • A frontend
  • A backend
  • Admingenerator
  • Behat


curl -s | php
php composer.phar install --dev

Easy rebuild


What's inside?

The Symfony ready to code version comes pre-configured with a backend and a frontend and with the following bundles:

  • FrameworkBundle - The core Symfony framework bundle
  • SensioFrameworkExtraBundle - Adds several enhancements, including template and routing annotation capability (documentation)
  • PropelBundle - Adds support for the Propel ORM (documentation)
  • TwigBundle - Adds support for the Twig templating engine (documentation)
  • SecurityBundle - Adds security by integrating Symfony's security component (documentation)
  • SwiftmailerBundle - Adds support for Swiftmailer, a library for sending emails (documentation)
  • MonologBundle - Adds support for Monolog, a logging library (documentation)
  • AsseticBundle - Adds support for Assetic, an asset processing library (documentation)
  • JMSSecurityExtraBundle - Allows security to be added via annotations (documentation)
  • JMSDiExtraBundle - Adds more powerful dependency injection features (documentation)
  • WebProfilerBundle (in dev/test env) - Adds profiling functionality and the web debug toolbar
  • SensioDistributionBundle (in dev/test env) - Adds functionality for configuring and working with Symfony distributions
  • SensioGeneratorBundle (in dev/test env) - Adds code generation capabilities (documentation)
  • AdminGeneratorGeneratorBundle (documentation)

And for your tests


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