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This repository contains an extended version of Smack. It's primary used by aSmack, to build an Android version of Smack. But since aSmack just changes some stuff and adds patches on top of a Smack branch, these branches can be used also in non-Android environments.


  • master
  • xep0198
  • upstream
  • smack-aiv smack from a-iv, who contributed here too.
  • dnssec (DNSSEC patches on top of master)
  • maybe some other branches to test new patches


The current state of Smack trunk, plus additional patches.

Additional non-upstream (yet) patches

Here's a list of patches that are included in master. If there is a issue on the offical smack bugtracker, it will be linked too. The issue reports usually contain also a link to Smack's community forums, where more information about the issue can be found.


In sync with master plus XEP-0198 patches from devrandom (gibberbot)


The current state of the vanilla SMACK (upstream) development.


DNSSEC patches from Adam Fisk. Logged as SMACK-366. Forum Link:


Please follow the guidelines for Smack contributors:


This fork of smack was initiated by Rene Treffer for the aSmack build environment, in order to get Smack working on Android for the buddycloud project. aSmack on Googlecode is now inactive. Before the project was abdoned, Rene migrated the data from Googlecode to GitHub. This is where I forked his repo and started working on aSmack, mostly janitorial tasks, but I also merged smack 3.2.0 and keep master in sync with upstream.


Join ##smack @ freenode


Goes to

  • Rene Treffer
  • Till Glocke
  • a-iv
  • Jonas Ådahl


  • Smack (Apache License)
  • DNSSEC4J (Apache License and GPLv3)
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