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Celery Result Backends using the Django ORM/Cache framework.

Build status coverage BSD License django-celery-results can be installed via wheel Supported Python versions. Support Python implementations.

Keywords:django, celery, database, results


This extension enables you to store Celery task results using the Django ORM.

It defines a single model (django_celery_results.models.TaskResult) used to store task results, and you can query this database table like any other Django model.


The installation instructions for this extension is available from the Celery documentation:


You can install django-celery-results either via the Python Package Index (PyPI) or from source.

To install using pip,:

$ pip install -U django-celery-results

Downloading and installing from source

Download the latest version of django-celery-results from

You can install it by doing the following,:

$ tar xvfz django-celery-results-0.0.0.tar.gz
$ cd django-celery-results-0.0.0
$ python build
# python install

The last command must be executed as a privileged user if you are not currently using a virtualenv.

Using the development version

With pip

You can install the latest snapshot of django-celery-results using the following pip command:

$ pip install

Issues with mysql

If you want to run django-celery-results with MySQL, you might run into some issues.

One such issue is when you try to run python migrate django_celery_results, you might get the following error:

django.db.utils.OperationalError: (1071, 'Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes')

To get around this issue, you can set:


(or any other value if any other db other than MySQL is causing similar issues.)

max_length of 191 seems to work for MySQL.