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Censys Python Library

PyPI Python Version Read the Docs (version) GitHub Discussions PRs Welcome License

An easy-to-use and lightweight API wrapper for Censys APIs ( Python 3.7+ is currently supported.

Notice: The Censys Search v1 endpoints are deprecated as of Nov. 30, 2021. Please begin using v2 endpoints to query hosts and certificates and check out our support center for resources.


Getting Started

The library can be installed using pip.

pip install censys

To upgraded using pip.

pip install --upgrade censys

To configure your search credentials run censys config or set both CENSYS_API_ID and CENSYS_API_SECRET environment variables.

$ censys config

Censys API ID: XXX
Censys API Secret: XXX
Do you want color output? [y/n]: y

Successfully authenticated for

To configure your ASM credentials run censys asm config or set the CENSYS_ASM_API_KEY environment variables.

$ censys asm config

Censys ASM API Key: XXX
Do you want color output? [y/n]: y

Successfully authenticated

API Reference and User Guide available on Read the Docs

Read the Docs



All contributions (no matter how small) are always welcome. See Contributing to Censys Python


This project uses poetry for dependency management. Please ensure you have installed the latest version.

git clone
cd censys-python/
poetry install


# Run tests
poetry run pytest
# With coverage report
poetry run pytest --cov-report html


This software is licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0

  • Copyright (C) 2022 Censys, Inc.