Web-based monitoring and management for Ceph
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alembic alembic: don't stamp on cthulhu's logging config Apr 3, 2014
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conf calamari-common: log salt import failures with supervisor Feb 4, 2016
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rest-api rest-api: raise an error on calls to radosgw-admin Jan 24, 2016
salt Adds support for rbd and radosgw-admin to /cli target of REST API. Jan 24, 2016
selinux Updated the module name to match the package name Oct 8, 2016
tests tests: fix assumption about number of OSD hosts Aug 21, 2015
vagrant cent7-build: removing unneeded build deps Jan 24, 2016
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adduser.py adduser.py: simple script to help with adding users to htpasswd Nov 1, 2013
build-rpm.sh build-rpm.sh cleanup: Apr 23, 2014
calamari.spec merge conflict fix Jan 24, 2016
calamari.te selinux: add policy module for calamari Jan 8, 2016
get-flavor.sh Handle VERSION in a more future-proof way Feb 4, 2015
get-versions.sh Makefile: add versioning Mar 4, 2014
pre-commit.py Rename and quota operations for pools Nov 27, 2013
tox.ini add a working tox.ini file with a docs env Aug 13, 2014
vps_bootstrap.sh devmode: send parameters for who and where to bootstrap Sep 28, 2015


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Calamari server

Calamari is a management and monitoring service for Ceph, exposing a high level REST API.

This repository contains the Calamari server-side code. There is an accompanying user interface built on the Calamari REST API at https://github.com/ceph/calamari-clients

Getting Packages


A high level guide to installing Calamari from packages is available here: http://calamari.readthedocs.org/en/latest/operations/index.html

Check the mailing list archives for recent discussions of commonly encountered issues, and post your questions there. Check back here for more comprehensive guidance for end-users in the near future.

For developers

  1. Read about setting up a development environment: http://calamari.readthedocs.org/en/latest/development/dev_env.html
  2. Read about the coding style for Python code: http://calamari.readthedocs.org/en/latest/development/coding_style.html
  3. Read about the format for commit messages: http://ceph.com/resources/development/ceph-commit-comments/
  4. ...and send a pull request


Calamari developer documentation: http://calamari.readthedocs.org

Calamari mailing list: http://lists.ceph.com/listinfo.cgi/ceph-calamari-ceph.com

Calamari issue tracker: http://tracker.ceph.com/projects/calamari

Calamari packages http://download.ceph.com/calamari