ANTLR parser doesn't recognize Railo's === operator #8

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isapir commented Aug 15, 2012

the ANTLR parser doesn't recognize Railo's === operator (reference equals) and thus throwing an error which then prevents the CFC's outline from being displayed.

it would have been ok for now if code collapse would have worked on functions in CFCs but that doesn't work either, so a CFC with quite a few functions is hard to manage.

also, the error is shown with the function declaration so it is harder to decipher. it would be much better if the error was next to the === symbol.

see example code in a function that requires a reference equals test:

* returns the 1-based index of the eventHandler or 0 if not found; called by addEventHander() and removeEventHandler()
private int function findEventHandler( required array handlers, required eventHandler ) {

    if ( !isCustomfunction( eventHandler ) )
        throw( type="IllegalArgument", message="eventHandler must be a user defined function" );

    for ( var i=1; i <= arrayLen( handlers ); i++ ) {

        if ( handlers[ i ] === eventHandler )
            return i;

    return 0;
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