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⚠**DEPRECATED**⚠ JSON API of housing counselor data
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⚠ Deprecation Notice ⚠

This project is a legacy API and is longer being actively maintained or used to serve data to Please use the officially supported HUD API in its place. For those interested, it may continue to serve as a model stand-alone API of HUD Housing Counseling data.

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django-hud is a Django project that provides a very basic API on top of HUD Housing Counseling data. It returns a list of HUD approved housing counseling agencies throughout the country that can provide advice on buying a home, renting, defaults, foreclosures, and credit issues near a given zipcode sorted by distance from it in ascending order.


Parameter Type Default value Short Description
distance integer (in miles) 5000 Distance between zipcode area centroid and counseling agency
limit integer 10 Number of results to return
offset integer 0 Number of times to skip limit items before returning results
language string, comma separated N/A A list of languages either of which is spoken in agency
service string, comma separated N/A A list of services either of which is provided by agency

Data returned can be in json (default) or csv format. To set the format append .json or .csv to the zipcode value when accessing the API.

The API can be accessed from hud-api-replace/:zipcode address.


Return 10 closest to 20005 agencies, formatted as json:


Return 5 closest to the given zipcode agencies, formatted as json:

hud-api-replace/20005.json?limit=5 or hud-api-replace/20005?limit=5

Return at most 10 agencies that are closer than 5 miles to 20005, formatted as csv:


Return page 2 of the agencies that are located not further than 100 miles from 20005, 5 agencies per page, formatted as json:


Get the list of agencies that speak English or Korean:


Get list of agencies that provide [Mortgage Delinquency and Default Resolution Counse] or [Financial, Budgeting and Credit Repair Workshops] services:


Service Abbreviations:

abbr name
DRC Mobility and Relocation Counseling
FHW Fair Housing Pre-Purchase Education Workshops
NDW Non-Delinquency Post Purchase Workshops
PPW Pre-purchase Homebuyer Education Workshops
MOI Marketing and Outreach Initiatives
HIC Home Improvement and Rehabilitation Counseling
PLW Predatory Lending Education Workshops
FBC Financial Management/Budget Counseling
RHW Rental Housing Workshops
LM Loss Mitigation
DFW Resolving/Preventing Mortgage Delinquency Workshop
RMC Reverse Mortgage Counseling
RHC Rental Housing Counseling
FBW Financial, Budgeting and Credit Repair Workshops
PPC Pre-purchase Counseling
DFC Mortgage Delinquency and Default Resolution Counse
HMC Services for Homeless Counseling

Language Abbreviations:

abbr name
ITA Italian
TUR Turkish
VIE Vietnamese
OTH Other
CHI Chinese Mandarin
GER German
FRE French
HIN Hindi
SPA Spanish
HMO Hmong
POL Polish
POR Portuguese
ENG English
FAR Farsi
KOR Korean
CRE Creole
CAM Cambodian
CAN Cantonese
UKR Ukrainian
SWA Swahili
ARA Arabic
IND Indonesian
RUS Russian
CZE Czech


Add callback parameter to the call. Works only when format is json.


  • To run unit tests against a testing matrix of Python and Django versions, run:
$ tox

You can also run a particular version, e.g.:

$ tox -e py27-dj18


  • Add hud_api_replace to INSTALLED_APPS in settings file.

  • Make sure you've set an environment variable MAPBOX_ACCESS_TOKEN, as described here. If you need a mapbox token, sign up here

  • syncdb to create three tables used by the module.

  • load_hud_data to load HUD data into local database.

  • include hud_api_replace.urls.

load_hud_data management command load_hud_data will load HUD data into local database. Error messages will be emailed to a list of emails defined in $DJANGO_HUD_NOTIFY_EMAILS