Python client library for Sauce Labs API


sauceclient Python package

Python client library for Sauce Labs API.

About sauceclient

sauceclient is a Python client library for the Sauce Labs API.

It gives you access to Sauce Labs:

  • Account
  • Platform Information
  • JavaScript Unit Tests
  • Jobs & Assets (Logs, Videos, Screenshots)
  • Temporary Storage
  • Tunnels

sauceclient is not used for running tests on Sauce Labs' service. (That is done via Selenium WebDriver).


  • with pip:

    pip install sauceclient

About Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs is a service for running remote Selenium WebDriver tests. They have VM's with 800+ browser/OS combinations, allowing comprehensive cross-browser cross-platform test coverage.

Example Usage

  • public access:

    import sauceclient
    sc = sauceclient.SauceClient()
    status = sc.information.get_status()
  • with authorization:

    import sauceclient
    sc = sauceclient.SauceClient(
    jobs =, limit=5)

Compatibility Note

Due to changes in the SauceLabs REST API, some of sauceclient's classes and methods have been removed or renamed since the pre-1.0 releases.

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