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Catalog of UK LIDAR data on
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This data is scraped from, I've no idea what the license is.
Probably you should check that.

The important bit to the lazy hacker is that this is an index of all the LIDAR 
data listed at but in a sane
single index. 

You want to look in the catalog directory. Each file is a .json file describing
available LIDAR data for a 10km x 10km area of the UK. The filename is the 
Easting & Northing on the UK OS National Grid in KM.

The scripts in this repository are by Christopher Gutteridge 2015 and are
licensed as Public Domain. Do what thou wilt with them scripts.

In other news, I wrote this text file at a time when people still hoped the
Ordnance Survey would not be sold off. I assume by the time you're reading this
that they've done that. grr.

- Christopher Gutteridge, 2015,

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