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I Done This For Alfred


This workflow uses the I Done This API to quickly send updates to your account.


  • Click to Download ZIP or on the green "Clone or download" button above on the right.
  • Unpack the ZIP file
  • In the unpacked folder navigate to workflow
  • Double–click the idonethis-for-alfred.alfredworkflow file to install it
  • In the workflows section of Alfred select the I Done This workflow
  • Click the [x] icon in the top-right of the workflow to edit it.
  • Enter your api_token Follow these instructions to obtain your API token: Keep it secret, keep it safe.
  • Enter your team_id
    • To get your team_id:
      1. Login to
      2. Click on either the personal or team log you want to send your dones, goals, and blockers to.
      3. Grab the value after t in the url: /t/<team_id>/.

How to use

  • Type idt followed by your update and press Enter; you're done!

  • Just like responding via email you can enter goals by starting your update with a [] and blockers by starting your update with a !.

  • Type idtlist to see your incomplete goals

  • Choose the goal you want to mark as done


If you need help please drop me a line via email or on twitter. Watch this page for updates. :-)


Be sure to thank the fine folks who've contributed improvements to I Done This for Alfred!