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Chaincase iOS Beta

Thank you to all Chaincase iOS Beta testers. While the iOS Beta is over, the pursuit of Bitcoin privacy lives on.

Chaincase Logomark


The only private bitcoin wallet on iOS

πŸ“²οΈ Beta Available on TestFlight

🐦️ Follow us on Twitter

πŸ’¬ Say hi on Telegram

Preserve your Privacy

πŸ”€ Keep your blockchain privacy with CoinJoin

  • Full coin selection & label support

πŸ§… Keep your data private with Tor by default

πŸ›° Sync privately with BIP 158

Chaincase is experimental beta software. Use at your own risk. Your feedback is greatly appreciated πŸ—½

How does it work?

▢️ Watch the video

Chaincase CoinJoin Tutorial Video "My Privacy Has Been Preserved!"

Building for iOS

don't forget to pull (or build) the Tor binary before you build:

git lfs pull

And install a provisioning profile to make use of the entitlements: