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  1. lodestar

    implementation of the beacon chain in JavaScript

    TypeScript 78 11

  2. ChainBridge

    Modular Multi-Directional Blockchain Bridge to interact with Multiple Networks; Ethereum, Rootstock, Ethereum Classic and many more to come

    Go 19 3

  3. denode

    a mechanism for incentivizing full nodes

    16 2

  4. leth

    golang tools for compiling, deploying, testing, and interacting with smart contracts

    Go 10 1

  5. WeiPay

    WeiPay is a open source cryptocurrency wallet available for both IOS and Android mobile devices. WeiPay will support Ethereum out of the box with added support for ERC20 tokens and Bitcoin.

    JavaScript 27 6

  6. eth-local

    The purpose of eth-local is to offer a standardized way to store your keystore files on your local machine. While also allowing you to use them in browser.

    JavaScript 16 2

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