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Project Overview

Link To SteemPX


Project Schedule

Personal Final Project

Day Deliverable
Day 1: Thu 5/24 Wireframes, Priority Matrix, Schedule, Time Estimates, build react app with components
Day 2: Fri 5/25 Approval\Pseudocode\Actual code|
Day 3: Sat 5/26 research steem api
Day 4: Sun 5/27 research steem blockchain
Day 5: Mon 5/28 React components
Day 6: Tues 5/29 React components
Day 7: Wed 5/30 Node API / deploy API and React
Day 8: Thurs 5/31 React components
Day 9: Fri 6/1 Working Prototype with full commit to master
Day 10: Sat 6/2 Styling
Day 11: Sun 6/3 styling
Day 12: Mon 6/4 Project Presentations

Project Description

My final project will be a mx of Steemit and 500px/Pinterest. In this case I will cut out the middle man 500px/Pinterest and reward the content creator directly with Steem tokens which are ease to exchange for bitcoin, dollars or other coins.

Title: Steempx

Project Overview

This is a platform where photographers can look for inspiration and share there pictures. Because of steems "proof-of-brain" protocol the creator gets rewards via likes and/or donations.




  • React js
  • Steem
  • Node js

Priority Matrix

part Priority Estimated Time Time Invetsted Actual Time
readme H 30mins 10mins 10mins
post/delete on the Steem blockchain H 10hrs 5hrs 5hrs
login with Steem H 2hrs 1hr 1hr
api with node.js H 15hrs 4hrs 4hrs
React native app h 40hrs 40hrs 40hrs
Styling l 20hrs 20hrs 20hrs


  • Post/Delete (own Database and Steem)
  • Auth user
  • Select one image
  • Show user info
  • Deploy


  • Show other users info
  • Give Steem by liking
  • Comments on post
  • Deploy on decentralized Database

Helper Functions

  • Make permalink function
Function Description
Permalink this will replace a white space in a string with a dash

Additional Libraries

  • steemjs
  • jQuery
  • Google Font
  • bootstrap

Code Snippet

Here I change the content on the new post page based on state changes.

<button type='submit'>Post</button>
const loading = (<div className='loader'></div>);
const failed = (<div className="error-post-msg"><p>Username And Password Don't match</p></div>);
const confirmation = (<div className="confirmation-box"><h1>Sent!</h1><hr />
<h3>Block nr: {this.state.block.block}</h3>
<h3>transaction nr: {this.state.block.trx}</h3>

return (
<div className='col-8'>
  {this.state.failed && failed}
  {this.state.form && form}
  {this.state.sendLoading && loading}
  {this.state.confirmation && confirmation}


export default New;