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front-end application using jQuery and github api
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Github Followers App

Here is how to run

git clone
start index.html


I might have chosen react/node for this project. But I sticked to jQuery,AJAX because I have more experience in the latter than the former. And I wanted to concentrate much on UI and UX.


Create a service that allows a user to search for a github user and his followers.


A Single Page Application(SPA) that allows user to search for username and display the followers (30 at a time) and provide a loadMore button to display next 30 results on the same page, can be a solution.

Technical Choices

I chose jQuery,AJAX for the asynchronous requests to display user and followers. Front end- HTML, CSS, Bootstrap JavaScript - jQuery, AJAX (consumption of github api services)

Building Process

Organizing Requirements

Prioritizing Requirements

  • add github logo
  • search bar
  • user - avatar, handle, number of followers
  • followers - avatar with loadMore button
  • Datalist - for user search
  • followers - handle,repos
  • search for a follower in the followers

Design/ UX

Moqups pages:

Error Handling

Handled errors for search bar user input

username may only contain alphanumeric characters or single hyphens, and cannot begin or end with a hyphen
~ Github 

Left out/ Might have done differently if I were to spend additional time on the project

I might have added tooltips for information messages for search box instead of text element and might have added some more information about user and followers.


Chandrika Bolla

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