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Occamy is an open source protocol and proxy for modern remote desktop control that written in Go.

To start using Occamy


Occamy support deployment with Docker or container orchestration tool, e.g. K8s. To build Occamy, you need:

git clone
cd occamy
make build

Then you should be able to run occamy with:

docker run -itd occamy:latest


Occamy offers two APIs:

  • /api/v1/login distributes JWT tokens for authentication and
  • /api/v1/connect is used for WebSocket based Occamy connection.

If you build Occamy with web client, you can also access /static for web client demo.


To run a demo, you need build an occamy client first:

cd client/occamy-web
npm install && npm run build

With docker-compose, you should be able to run a working demo with:

make build
make run
make stop

Here is a working video demo:



Easiest way to contribute is to provide feedback! We would love to hear what you like and what you think is missing. PRs are welcome. Please follow the given PR template before you send your pull request.

Why Occamy and how it works?

Occamy implements a generic remote desktop protocol with modern approaches. It currently performs Guacamole protocol and eventually intends to redesign and propose Occamy protocol.

The benefits of Occamy that differ from Guacamole are:

  • Authentication supports
  • Simplified architecture
  • Streaming compression and optimization
  • Modern with Go

Occamy server side currently simplifies Guacamole proxy and Guacamole servlet client in a single middleware application. Any client that involves Guacamole protocol and uses WebSocket for authentication can directly switch to interact to Occamy without any changes.

Read more details in docs.


Occamy | MIT © 2019 Ou Changkun