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Remove reference to maxmmap in diod(8)

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1 parent 11f6132 commit 5586e66886404e1d0e91a752cdefda3a11f2382d @garlick garlick committed
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@@ -37,12 +37,6 @@ for each unique aname.
This option overrides the \fInwthreads\fR setting in diod.conf (5).
The default is 16.
-.I "-m, --maxmmap INT"
-Set the maximum number of bytes to mmap of a file eligible for
-I/O context sharing.
-This option overrides the \fImaxmmap\fR setting in diod.conf (5).
-The default is 4194304.
.I "-e, --export PATH"
Set the file system to be exported.
This option may be specified more than once.

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