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CHAOSS Value Working Group

The Value Working Group focuses on metrics that directly result in funding community activities.

Table of Contents

Problem Statement

Community initiatives do not reflect the same value as other common organizational efforts. This results in community work often being undervalued by people, organizations, communities, and society. The Value working group aims to advance how we understand the value that projects can provide.


Value group will develop metrics that, when measured, help make the impact of community work more transparent.

Known limitations

The approach used around value often defaults to the technology industry and its organizational structures. These approaches may not reflect other industries or organizations (e.g., nonprofits).

While our measurements may focus on certain categories, our aim is to become a standard for all value-based discussions around community work. Please bring up terminology discrepencies or recommendations through a new issue.


The Value group is part of the CHAOSS project, which is a project under the Linux Foundation.

Metrics Focus Areas

We are compiling dimensions of value that can be used in the following areas of analysis:

Focus Area Goal
Social Value Identify the degree to which a project is attentive to improving the lives of people beyond software.
Organizational Value Identify the degree to which a project is monetarily valuable from an organization's perspective.
Individual Value Identify the degree to which a project is valuable to me as an individual user or contributor.
Communal Value Identify the degree to which a project is valuable to its community of users (including downstream projects) or contributors.

Each focus area lists a collection of relevant questions. If you are interested in answering a question for your community, go to the associated resource page where we collect strategies for answering the question.


All contributors are welcome to participate in the Value working group. Regular participants have the opportunity to join as a Core Contributor.

Propose a metric

This groups welcomes any metric that provide insight into the value that an open source project can provide to individuals, organizations, communities, and society. Specific examples include the value of a project for an Open Source Program Office (OSPO), Developer Relations (DevRel), Influencer Programs (e.g., Microsoft MVP), job security, and global accessibility.

If you have a metric in mind that directly links community activity to individual, organizational, communal, or societal impact, then:

  • Copy the file
  • Open a pull request with the new metric added to the metrics folder
  • Continue the discussion in the pull request until we decide to merge it

If you are not sure the metric is a good fit, it's best to start by discussing through a new issue.

Join the working group

We welcome all interested in this topic to join us by:

  • Joining the general CHAOSS mailing list
  • Participating in our bi-weekly community calls (information below)
  • Getting involved in open discussions happening through issues

As a contributor, you can help us keep our community open and inclusive. Read the code of conduct to understand how.

Join our Bi-Weekly Calls

We host video calls every other Thursday from 10-11 am US Central Time. All are welcome.

Read our meeting notes to learn our history and find out when our next call will be held.

The video call URL is



Core Contributors

The criteria for becoming a core contributor is to participate at least once per month over a period of 3 months. Participation includes providing feedback in the weekly Value group meetings, providing feedback on docs, or making other contributions on GitHub (commits/issues). People not participating over a 3 month period may be removed as core contributors.

If you'd like to be on our squad, an easy way to start is by going through the issue list and participating in the discussion. 🎉

All Contributors

Ordered by first name: Andy Leak, Dylan Marcy, Georg Link, Jon Lawrence, Kevin Lumbard, King Gao, Matt Broberg, Matt Germonprez, Samantha Venia Logan, Sean Goggins, Venu Tekula, and Vinod Ahuja.

Are you eligible to be on this list? You are if you helped in any capacity (whether its filed an issue or proposed a metric) then please open a Pull Request to add yourself. The team will try to update this list monthly, but please open an issue or post on the mailing list if we've missed anyone.


The documents in this repositories are released under the MIT License. See LICENSE for details.

Copyright © 2018-2021 CHAOSS Project