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Swagger Adjust

Swagger Adjust is a plugin-able framework for building React + Redux based applications. This framework was born by decoupling ideas of plugin-able core of SwaggerUI into separate reusable component.

To learn more about why this framework was born, please read our release article.

Logo borrowed from:


Swagger Adjust allows you to build React + Redux applications in a way, where every component, being it a React Component, Redux state slice composed of actions, selector, reducers or general business logic is overridable and extensible.


We have a working demo of TodoList app built using this library. The demo consist of two plugins: todoList and todoListEnhancer. todoList plugin has basic functionality of displaying list of todo items and adding a new one. todoListEnhancer add additional functionality like completing, deleting and also adds batch operations on todo list.

You can run the demo in your browser at:

You can find demo source code in demo directory of this repository.