A minimal gpsd client for GTK+ on Linux.
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This program is a straightforward gps monitor program using the GTK+
windowing system.

It is copyright 2009 to the date of the most recent modification
Charles Curley, http://www.charlescurley.com/

This program is released under the same terms as gpsd itself, i.e.
under the BSD License. See the file Copying in the gpsd distribution.

There isn't much to it, so these notes should suffice:

* The background changes color according to the quality of the fix.

  * Grey: No GPSD connection.

  * Red: No fix.

  * Yellow: Two dimensional fix, i.e. altitude is invalid.

  * Green: Three dimensional fix.

* The number of satellites seen and used in fixes is shown in a
  progress bar, where the progress bar shows the ratio of the two.

* You can change how some of the data are displayed, e.g. speed in
  miles per hour, knots or kilometers per hour, etc. You can then save
  these settings.

* Menu functions have accelerator (shortcut) keys.

* For automotive use, try a fairly large font, e.g. 17 to 25 points.

To compile, you should get everything you need with:

apt install gnome-common libgps-dev libgtk2.0-dev

Otherwise, you need:

apt install gcc make libgtk2.0-dev libgps-dev

except on debian squeeze, where you may need:

apt -t squeeze-backports install gcc make libgtk2.0-dev

There is a make target "astyle". This is set up to run astyle so you
can have a suitable style in your contributions (hint, hint...). You
will need astyle if you don't already have it.

apt install astyle