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Flowerhead, a difficult platforming game made in Pico-8
Lua Shell
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Flowerhead is a challenging, fast-paced platforming game about escaping a dungeon-hive by filling it with flowers and fighting bees. It is made in Pico-8. You can play the game in browser on desktop or mobile:

I've made small playable things before, but I would consider this my first real game. I hope you like it, and if you have any feedback, you can find my contact info at


  • The folks at Recurse Center in Brooklyn, where I coded most of the game during the Fall 2018 batch. It's a wonderful organization.
  • Eli Piilonen for making Tiny Playformer, which helped me learn a ton about making a dynamic, responsive platformer
  • Aaron Wood for helping me figure out the math of the sunshine rays and parallax clouds
  • Sheridan Kates for being a wonderful Recurse center buddy and telling me to make the flowers say random things on impact :)
  • Lillian Primrose for showing me how to do A* pathfinding for the bees
  • Ayla Myers for inspiring me with their awesome PICO-8 work
  • Kicked-in-Teeth whose excellent free art tiles I used and modified for the game


The original source for the game is in flowerhead.p8. It's in Pico-8's special cartridge format which is a combination of Lua code, graphics, tilemap and sound effects / music data. As is, it's too big for Pico8's normal filesize and token limits, so I use to minify it via picotool before release.

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