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ChartBrew logo

ChartBrew build

Chartbrew is an open-source web application that can connect directly to databases and APIs and use the data to create beautiful charts. It features a chart builder, editable dashboards, embedable charts, query & requests editor, and team capabilities.

Chartbrew as a service is available here

ChartBrew dashboard

πŸ“š Read the full docs here

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Data sources

Check Chartbrew's website for the latest list of supported data sources


  • NodeJS v14, v16, v18
  • MySQL (5+) or PostgreSQL (12.5+)


It is recommended you head over to the more detailed documentation to find out how to set up Chartbrew

πŸ“š You can find it here

Set up Chartbrew locally

Create a new database

Chartbrew can run on MySQL or PostgreSQL. Create an empty database that Chartbrew can use.

Clone and setup

git clone
cd chartbrew && npm run setup

Complete the required environmental variables in chartbrew/.env. Check out which need to be set here.

Run the project in Development

Open two terminals, one for front-end and the other for back-end.

# frontend
cd client/
npm run start

# backend
cd server/
npm run start-dev

Head over to http://localhost:4018 to see the app running and create your first user account.

Deploy Chartbrew on Render

Deploy to Render

Deploy Chartbrew on Heroku and Vercel

Read more on how to do this here

Run with Docker

Check the full guide in the docs.


A Chartbrew docker image is built whenever a new version is released.

Before running the commands below, make sure you have a MySQL server already running and an empty database that Chartbrew can use. The database name should match the value of the CB_DB_NAME variable.

docker pull razvanilin/chartbrew

docker run -p 4019:4019 -p 4018:4018 \
  -e CB_SECRET=enter_a_secure_string \
  -e CB_API_HOST= \
  -e CB_API_PORT=4019 \
  -e CB_DB_HOST=host.docker.internal \
  -e CB_DB_PORT=3306 \
  -e CB_DB_NAME=chartbrew \
  -e CB_DB_USERNAME=root \
  -e CB_DB_PASSWORD=password \
  -e REACT_APP_CLIENT_HOST=http://localhost:4018 \
  -e REACT_APP_API_HOST=http://localhost:4019 \


Many thanks to everybody that contributed to this open-source project πŸ™

Start here if you want to become a contributor