Experimental Plugin for Krita 4 to export into the Spine JSON Format
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Unofficial Spine Export

Experimental Krita 4 Python Plugin to export into the Spine JSON format

How to install

Copy unofficialspineexport.desktop and the unofficialspineexport folder into the pykrita directory inside the Krita Resource directory. You can find your Resource Directory within Krita via Settings > Manage Resources > Open Resource Folder

Restart Krita and make sure the plugin is enabled, which means Settings > Configure Krita > Python Plugin manager > Unofficial Spine Export Plugin should be checked.

How to use

This plugin is inspired by the official Photoshop plugin.

It works nearly the same but not all the features are implemented. You can find the script under Tools > Scripts > Export to Spine. Select a folder and all your images will be exported into it as well as spine.json

Supported in Group Layers:

  • (Bone)
  • (Slot)
  • (Merge)
  • (Ignore)


  • Skins and subfolders are not supported
  • No configuration options
  • Images will be in png format
  • Both () and [] can be used
  • Invisible layers are ignored
  • Be careful with filter layers. They will export as merged layer like they are shown in Krita. Consider organizing your scene with merge folders for better control.