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fend (Fast EveNt Dispatch)

fend is an event framework utilising LuaJIT's ffi.

It currently has poll and epoll based dispatchers.

The processed C headers in include/ are from a linux x64 system; they may not be suitable for you.

Note: Most functions can raise errors.


Just place the fend directory in your lua module search path



This module wraps raw file descriptors (usually ints) in a structure to attach methods.

  • my_file = file.wrap ( fd , no_close )
    Wraps the fd in a fend 'file' structure.
    fd may be a numeric file descritor or a lua file object.
    no_close will skip closing the file on object collection

  • my_file:getfd ( )
    returns the raw file descriptor

  • my_file:set_blocking ( bool )
    sets the O_NONBLOCK flag


A non-blocking luasocket-like interface

  • sock = socket.new_tcp ( domain )
    Creates a new socket with the given domain (where domain is an AF_*; these can conveniently be found in an addrinfo structure: addrinfo.ai_family (see DNS section))

  • sock:getfile ( ) Returns the file descriptor for the socket

  • sock:getfd ( )
    Shortcut for sock:getfile():getfd()

  • sock:set_option ( level , option , val , size )
    Calls setsockopt with the given parameters
    if val is a number or boolean it will be converted to an int
    size is optional, if not passed will be sizeof(val)

  • sock:set_socket_option ( option , val , size )
    Looks up the string option and calls sock:set_option
    eg, option = "REUSEADDR"

  • error_string , errno = sock:get_error ( ) Retrives the error on the socket Returns nil if there is no error

  • sock:bind ( addrinfo )
    sock:bind ( sockaddr , sockaddr_len )
    Binds the socket to the interface given in addrinfo or sockaddr , sockaddr_len

  • sock:listen ( backlog )
    Sets the socket to listen with the given backlog (defaults to 128)

  • sock:accept ( with_sockaddr )
    Accepts a new client on sock.
    Can return nil if no client is available.
    The returned socket will have O_NONBLOCK set.
    If with_sockaddr is true, the call will return a sockaddr and length as extra return values

  • sock:shutdown ( )
    Aliased as sock:_shutdown to prevent internal conflicts with the SSL object

  • n_read = sock:recv ( buff , len , flags )
    n_read = sock:receive ( buff , len , flags )
    buff should be a user allocated buffer of length len.
    flags defaults to 0.
    Returns the number of bytes read.

  • n_read = sock:peek ( buff , len , flags )
    Same as sock:recv, but the MSG_PEEK flag is set

  • n_bytes = sock:send ( buff , len , flags )
    Sends buff to the connected peer
    If buff is not a const char* then it will have tostring called on it.
    If len is not given, it is the length of the string.
    flags defaults to 0.
    Returns the number of bytes written.

  • sock:getpeername ( )
    Returns a sockaddr and it's length representing the connected peer


Provides a luasec-like interface (even supporting the same context types)

  • require "fend.ssl_handshake".handshake ( sock , dispatcher , callback )
    Will do an ssl handshake on the given socket, and when complete, call your callback.


Provides dns and host based utilities.

  • dns.lookup ( hostname , port , hints )
    Completes a blocking lookup, returning an addrinfo structure hints can be NULL or an addrinfo structure

  • dns.lookup_async ( hostname , port , hints , dispatcher , callback )
    Does a non-blocking dns lookup, and when ready.
    Will call callback cb with an addrinfo structure.
    Returns an object with methods:
    wait: blocks until the lookup is completed (or until timeout). returns boolean indicating success/failure


  • examples/all.lua [dispatcher]
    is a demonstration of every module working together
    dispatcher can be either poll or epoll

  • examples/http_client.lua
    is a basic http client
    the module returns a table with functions:
    request ( url , options , dispatcher , callback )

Extra Information

The include directory contains a partial replication of processed files from the /usr/include directory.


An event framework utilising LuaJIT's ffi. Currently based on epoll.




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