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Moving files between iTunes libraries is fraught with potential data loss because only the music files that may be transfered, yet a considerable amount of the data pertaining to your library is not stored in the music files themselves.

This data, which must be transferred by some other mechanism, I call "metadata".


This project currently extracts an iTunes library into a json file, each line a single document, corresponding to a music track in the iTunes library.

itunes-meta extract

Run itunes-meta --help to show all options.


The following properties are pulled directly (while formatting dates as ISO strings) from the ScriptingBridge's ITunesTrack representation:

  • playedCount
    • int: Defaults to zero
  • playedDate
    • unicode: ISO-8601 format without microseconds or timezone
  • skippedCount
    • int: Defaults to zero
  • skippedDate
    • unicode: ISO-8601 format without microseconds or timezone
  • rating
    • int: iTunes' internal representation is the number of stars * 20, so the range of rating is 0 to 100, inclusive
  • dateAdded
    • unicode: ISO-8601 format without microseconds or timezone
  • modificationDate
    • unicode: ISO-8601 format without microseconds or timezone

The playlists property is not a feature of the track directly, but of the playlists it is in.

  • playlists
    • dict(unicode -> int): Mapping from playlist name to index of the track in the corresponding playlist.

A few other fields are extracted to be used to link the music data back to the file in the other library.

(WXYZ) denotes an ID3v2 tag.

  • album (TALB)
  • artist (TPE1)
  • bitRate (property of the audio encoding)
  • duration (property of the audio encoding)
  • name (TIT2)
  • persistentID
    • I'm not sure if this is actually persisted inside the MP3; it is not in embedded plaintext, at least, and doesn't show up in IDv3
  • size (file size)
  • year (TYER)

Ignored metadata:

Rare or not very useful variables include:

  • bookmark
  • bookmarkable
  • category
  • compilation
  • databaseID
  • enabled
  • EQ
  • finish
  • gapless
  • grouping
  • id
  • index
  • iTunesU
  • kind
  • longDescription
  • lyrics
  • objectDescription
  • podcast
  • releaseDate
  • sampleRate
  • seasonNumber
  • show
  • shufflable
  • sortAlbum
  • sortAlbumArtist
  • sortArtist
  • sortComposer
  • sortName
  • sortShow
  • time (derivative of duration)
  • unplayed (same as playedCount == 0)
  • videoKind
  • volumeAdjustment

The following are (usually?) stored in the MP3's IDv3 (v1 and/or v2) database.

  • bpm (TBPM)
  • comment (COMM)
  • composer (TCOM)
  • discCount (TPOS)
  • discNumber (TPOS)
  • genre
  • trackCount (TRCK)
  • trackNumber (TRCK)

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Copyright © 2013–2014 Christopher Brown. MIT Licensed.