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TILA - Maps Tile Cache Server
Jose Luis Martin - Jun 2012

Tila (TIles on LAn) is a java tile map cache server.
Tila will solve performance problems in applications using a map tile server 
by storing the tiles on your LAN.

Tila is still on development but downloable versions are usable.

For version 0.1.2 Tila support the folowing caches:

 - Google Maps 
 - Open Street Map
 - TMS  (OSGeo Tile Map Service) 
 - WMS  (OGC Web Map Service)
 - WMTS (OGC Web Map Tile Service)
 - Virtual Earth
The management web application lets you to easily configure the tile caches.

Download de latest war file from the download area and deploy tila-version.war it 
on your application server. (I'm only tested it on Tomcat 6). 

The SQLite database is in WEB-INF/tila.db by default to allow a quick start of using 
the cache server, but if you undeploy de application, all configuration data 
will be lost.

To change the database location, copy tila.db  to some path 
on server and edit the file ${tomcat_root}/webapps/tila-version/WEB-INF/
and change the value of   *path_to_tila_db* in property:
jdbc.url = "jdbc:sqlite:/path_to_tila_db"

Restart application and go to http://yourserver:8080/tila/admin and set up the tile 
caches, proxy configuration and cache path in server filesystem.

Tila is open source licensed under Apache Software Foundation 2.0 License.



TILA (Tiles on LAn) - Map Tile Cache Server







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