1st Place Solution for Zhihu Machine Learning Challenge . Implementation of various text-classification models.(知乎看山杯第一名解决方案)
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This is the solution for Zhihu Machine Learning Challenge 2017. We won the champion out of 963 teams.

1. Setup

  • install PyTorch from pytorch.org (Python 2, CUDA)
  • install other depencies:
    pip2 install -r requirements.txt

You may need tf.contrib.keras.preprocessing.sequence.pad_sequences for data preprocessing.

  • start visdom for visualization:
    python2 -m visdom.server

2. Data Preprocessing

Modify the data path in the related file

2.1 wordvector file -> numpy file

python scripts/data_process/embedding2matrix.py main char_embedding.txt char_embedding.npz 
python scripts/data_process/embedding2matrix.py main word_embedding.txt word_embedding.npz 

2.2 question set -> numpy file

it's memory consuming , make sure you have memory larger than 32G.

python scripts/data_process/question2array.py main question_train_set.txt train.npz
python scripts/data_process/question2array.py main question_eval_set.txt test.npz

2.3 label -> json

python scripts/data_process/label2id.py main question_topic_train_set.txt labels.json

2.4 validation data

python scripts/data_process/get_val.py 

3. Training

modify config.py for model path

Path to the models we used:

  • CNN:models/MultiCNNTextBNDeep.py
  • RNN(LSTM):models/LSTMText.py
  • RCNN: models/RCNN.py
  • inception: models/CNNText_inception.py
  • FastText: models/FastText3.py

3.1 Trian model without data augumentation

# LSTM char
python2 main.py main --max_epoch=5 --plot_every=100 --env='lstm_char' --weight=1 --model='LSTMText'  --batch-size=128  --lr=0.001 --lr2=0 --lr_decay=0.5 --decay_every=10000  --type_='char'   --zhuge=True --linear-hidden-size=2000 --hidden-size=256 --kmax-pooling=3   --num-layers=3  --augument=False

# LSTM word
python2 main.py main --max_epoch=5 --plot_every=100 --env='lstm_word' --weight=1 --model='LSTMText'  --batch-size=128  --lr=0.001 --lr2=0.0000 --lr_decay=0.5 --decay_every=10000  --type_='word'   --zhuge=True --linear-hidden-size=2000 --hidden-size=320 --kmax-pooling=2  --augument=False

#  RCNN char
python2 main.py main --max_epoch=5 --plot_every=100 --env='rcnn_char' --weight=1 --model='RCNN'  --batch-size=128  --lr=0.001 --lr2=0 --lr_decay=0.5 --decay_every=5000  --title-dim=1024 --content-dim=1024  --type_='char' --zhuge=True --kernel-size=3 --kmax-pooling=2 --linear-hidden-size=2000 --debug-file='/tmp/debugrcnn' --hidden-size=256 --num-layers=3 --augument=False

# RCNN word
main.py main --max_epoch=5 --plot_every=100 --env='RCNN-word' --weight=1 --model='RCNN'  --zhuge=True --num-workers=4 --batch-size=128 --model-path=None --lr2=0 --lr=1e-3 --lr-decay=0.8  --decay-every=5000  --title-dim=1024 --content-dim=512  --kernel-size=3 --debug-file='/tmp/debugrc'  --kmax-pooling=1 --type_='word' --augument=False
# CNN word
 python main.py main --max_epoch=5 --plot_every=100 --env='MultiCNNText' --weight=1 --model='MultiCNNTextBNDeep'  --batch-size=64  --lr=0.001 --lr2=0.000 --lr_decay=0.8 --decay_every=10000  --title-dim=250 --content-dim=250    --weight-decay=0 --type_='word' --debug-file='/tmp/debug'  --linear-hidden-size=2000 --zhuge=True  --augument=False

# inception word
python2 main.py main --max_epoch=5 --plot_every=100 --env='inception-word' --weight=1 --model='CNNText_inception'  --zhuge=True --num-workers=4 --batch-size=512 --model-path=None --lr2=0 --lr=1e-3 --lr-decay=0.8  --decay-every=2500 --title-dim=1200 --content-dim=1200 --type_='word' --augument=False                                                   
# inception char
python2 main.py main --max_epoch=5 --plot_every=100 --env='inception-char' --weight=1 --model='CNNText_inception'  --zhuge=True --num-workers=4 --batch-size=512 --model-path=None --lr2=0 --lr=1e-3 --lr-decay=0.8  --decay-every=2500 --title-dim=1200 --content-dim=1200 --type_='char'   --augument=False

# FastText3 word
python2 main.py main --max_epoch=5 --plot_every=100 --env='fasttext3-word' --weight=5 --model='FastText3' --zhuge=True --num-workers=4 --batch-size=512  --lr2=1e-4 --lr=1e-3 --lr-decay=0.8  --decay-every=2500 --linear_hidden_size=2000 --type_='word'  --debug-file=/tmp/debugf --augument=False                           

In most cases, the score could be boosted by finetune. for example:

python2 main.py main --max_epoch=2 --plot_every=100 --env='LSTMText-word-ft' --model='LSTMText'  --zhuge=True --num-workers=4 --batch-size=256 --model-path=None --lr2=5e-5 --lr=5e-5 --decay-every=5000 --type_='word'  --model-path='checkpoints/LSTMText_word_0.409196378421'                       

3.2 train models with data augumentation

Add --augument in the training command.

3.3 scores

model score
CNN_word 0.4103
RNN_word 0.4119
RCNN_word 0.4115
Inceptin_word 0.4109
FastText_word 0.4091
RNN_char 0.4031
RCNN_char 0.4037
Inception_char 0.4024
RCNN_word_aug 0.41344
CNN_word_aug 0.41051
RNN_word_aug 0.41368
Incetpion_word_aug 0.41254
FastText3_word_aug 0.40853
CNN_char_aug 0.38738
RCNN_char_aug 0.39854

with model ensemble, it can get up to 0.433.

4 Test and Submit

4.1 Test

  • model: include LSTMText,RCNN,MultiCNNTextBNDeep,FastText3,CNNText_inception
  • model-path: path to the pretrained model
  • result-path: where to save the model
  • val: test the val set or the test set..
python2 test.1.py main --model='LSTMText'  --batch-size=512  --model-path='checkpoints/LSTMText_word_0.411994005382' --result-path='/data_ssd/zhihu/result/LSTMText0.4119_word_test.pth'  --val=False --zhuge=True

python2 test.1.py main --model='LSTMText'  --batch-size=256 --type_=char --model-path='checkpoints/LSTMText_char_0.403192339135' --result-path='/data_ssd/zhihu/result/LSTMText0.4031_char_test.pth'  --val=False --zhuge=True
python2 test.1.py main --model='RCNN'  --batch-size=512  --model-path='checkpoints/RCNN_word_0.411511574999' --result-path='/data_ssd/zhihu/result/RCNN_0.4115_word_test.pth'  --val=False --zhuge=True

python2 test.1.py main --model='RCNN'  --batch-size=512  --model-path='checkpoints/RCNN_char_0.403710422571' --result-path='/data_ssd/zhihu/result/RCNN_0.4037_char_test.pth'  --val=False --zhuge=True

# DeepText

python2 test.1.py main --model='MultiCNNTextBNDeep'  --batch-size=512  --model-path='checkpoints/MultiCNNTextBNDeep_word_0.410330780091' --result-path='/data_ssd/zhihu/result/DeepText0.4103_word_test.pth'  --val=False --zhuge=True
# more to go ...

4.2 ensemble

See notebooks/val_ensemble.ipynb and notebooks/test_ensemble.ipynb for more detail

5 Main files

  • main.py: main(for training)
  • config.py: config file
  • test.1.py: for test
  • data/: for data loader
  • scripts/: for data preprocessing
  • utils/ : including calculate score and wrapper for visualization.
  • models/: models
    • models/BasicModel: Base model for models.
    • models/MultiCNNTextBNDeep: CNN
    • models/LSTMText: RNN
    • models/RCNN: RCNN
    • models/CNNText_inception Inception
    • models/MultiModelALLmodels/MultiModelAll2
    • other model
  • rep.py: code for reproducing.
  • del/: methods fail or not used.
  • notebooks/: notebooks.

Pretrained model

https://pan.baidu.com/s/1mjVtJGs passwd: tayb