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Python 3 readiness

Python 3 support graph for most popular Python libraries and packages

How do you identify Python 3 support?

This site utilizes little tool, caniusepython3 created by Brett Cannon.

Throw your requirements.txt file at it and it will tell you which packages support Python 3, and list out which don't.


Please use issue tracker for issues, suggestions, feature requests and further enhancements.

How does the site work?

The site works by checking PyPi periodically (currently daily).
Script is run daily which generates JSON and updates date and time.

For almost a year, the site was running on very low resource VPS with nginx as web server.
Daily update was done via cron job in same machine.

Currently, function is run on AWS Lambda.
It saves output JSON file to S3 which is used to build graph. Site itself is hosted on GitHub Pages.


Output (results.json, wheel.svg, wheel.css) are uploaded to S3. You need to configure aws-cli

  1. aws configure
  2. python


AWS Lambda needs all dependencies as zip file along with codebase.

  1. zip -r src/
  2. cd path/to/site-packages/
  3. zip -r *

Finally, upload the file and update version.


This is derivative work from Python Wheels, a site that tracks progress in new Python package distribution standard called Wheels. All the credits goes to meshy.