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Helpers to compile and distribute ROS for Aldebaran's Nao
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Helpers to compile and distribute ROS for Aldebaran's Nao

Attention: If you wish to install ROS on your Nao, follow the instruction on This repo only contains tools to help creating ROS distributions for Nao.

Contents overview

  • robotpkg.conf: robotpkg configuration file, tuned for Nao. It expects robotpkg has been bootstrapped with PREFIX=/opt/ros/groovy.

  • shell script to be run on a Nao. It installs emerge and robotpkgin on the robot, which allows to use these package managers to install software on the robot.

Binary distributions

binary_distribution/ contains two scripts to respectively generate and install a full ROS binary distribution for Nao. Note that this is not the recommended way to distribute ROS for Nao. We recommend instead to use the package managers, as provided by the script.

  • shell script to be run on the Nao virtual machine. It copies the system dependencies required by ROS and create an archive ready for distribution.

  • shell script to be run on a Nao, that download and unpack the ROS distribution.

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