Tinkering around with LLVM and NVIDIA's CUDA framework.
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This repository caricatures all of the research that I have done to date, starting at Cornell University in Fall 2016. I principally do research in the subfield of programming languages within computer science, but some of the work that I like often crosses over into the architectural side of things.

As of right now, the repository contains:

  • An LLVM "hacking" session, as it were, wherein I explore how to bypass the LLVM front-end and create my own compiler passes based on a tutorial that my research advisor wrote for graduate students.


I work closely with Prof. Adrian Sampson at Cornell, and some of the topics that I explore include the following:

  • Approximate computing and the hardware-software interface
  • ISA generation and heterogeneous chipsets
  • Developing better GPU frameworks for heterogeneity in optimized programming