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Copying Link, Image and Tab(s) as Markdown Much Easier.
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Copy as Markdown for Chrome & Firefox

Do you often type Markdown code manually for a link or image, or even all tabs in a window, and feel tired? Copy as Markdown can help you!



Copy as Markdown is a browser extension helps you copy the following things as Markdown to your system clipboard:

☑️ Current Tab as Link
☑️ A Link in the Page
☑️ An Image in the Page
☑️ An Image that is wrapped with a Link
☑️ All Tabs as a List of Links
☑️ Highlighted Tabs as a List of Links

Keyboard Shortcuts (Chrome-only)

You can add keyboard shortuts for copying tab(s) as Markdown. By default, Copy as Markdown does not assign any keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Open Extensions Page at chrome://extensions/.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click "Keyboard shortcuts"
  3. Assign Keyboard Shortcuts in the dialog.

Known Issues

  • [Chrome] When copying an image, the image code does not include the alternative text of that image. This is due to API restriction.


Install dependencies

yarn install

Build for Development

yarn build
  • Chrome Version: build/chrome/
  • Firefox Version: build/firefox/

To debug in Chrome: [Window] Menu -> Extensions -> Load unpacked extension

To debug in Firefox: [Tools] Menu -> Add-ons -> [Gear] Icon -> Debug Add-ons -> Load Temporary Add-on

TODO: Unit Tests



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