another open source, cross-platform GUI for the todo.txt file format
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Copyright 2013-2015 Christian M. Schmid

another open source cross-platform GUI for the todo.txt file format


  • jdotxt, where you will find downloads for different operating systems and a quick guide video

Building jdotxt

to build jdotxt from its sources, you will need

I use Ubuntu as a build system, simply run

  • sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk ant

to set up your build system.

To build jdotxt

  1. Download the latest sources from github (e.g., "git clone")

  2. Move into the directory (e.g., "cd jdotxt")

  3. Run ant (i.e., "ant")

You can run the resulting jar file by executing

java -jar jar/jdotxt.jar

Third Party Code

jdotxt uses code and libraries from the following open source projects:

Misc Links

  • jdotxt, binaries and help for this very program.
  • todo.txt is a simple file format for managing your todos.
  • todo.txt-android an open source todo.txt Android client