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RISC-V instruction set simulator built for education
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venus is a RISC-V instruction set simulator built for education. This repository is a fork of kvakil/venus. The fork contains some additional minor features that were found to be useful when implementing a compiler for the ChocoPy language. This fork is therefore called Venus164 (named after the course CS164 at UC Berkeley). The additions in this fork are all standard assembler features that are supported by the official RISC-V GNU-based toolchain.

Using venus164

venus164 is available online.

Features (from the original)

  • RV32IM
  • Single-step debugging with undo feature
  • Breakpoint debugging
  • View machine code and original instructions side-by-side
  • Several ecalls: including print and sbrk
  • Memory visualization

Features Added for Venus164

Building the Web version

Build the backend:

$ ./gradlew build

Build the frontend+backend bundle:

$ grunt dist

The website should be built in the out directory.

Building the JAR

Checkout the jvm branch and run

$ gradle clean jar

Releasing a new version to the Venus164 Maven repository

Checkout the maven-repository branch and run



User Guide

MIT License

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