A java client to push UDP messages to a local dogstatd.
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A java client to push UDP messages to a local dogstatd.

Javadoc and build reports are available.


  • Minimal latency in the mainline processing
  • Some, but not extreme buffering of outgoing messages
  • Non-blocking write of UDP message
  • Thread-safe sender
  • Lack of dogstatd collector will be noted, but not cause failure of mainline processing


  • A local (on the same host) dogstatd collector
  • Firing a UDP message per application event will be cheaper than in-process aggregation of events

Use with Maven

To include dogstatd-client in your maven build, use the following fragment in your pom.


Typical Java Use

In setup code

  // you only need a single instance, Sender is thread safe and send method does not block caller
  static public final Sender METRICS = new Sender();

Sending some example metrics

  METRICS.send(new Histogram("histogram.name", latency);
  METRICS.send(new Gauge("round", i, tag));
  METRICS.send(new Counter("pi", 3.14));
  METRICS.send(new Event("title", "message", "tag1", "tag2"));

0.2 to 0.3

  • Added public constructors for Event
  • Added public constructors for ServiceCheck
  • Metric changed to abstract
  • Tags changed to package protected
  • Validator changed to package protected