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Latest commit 84b73a4 @bruth bruth Add missing semicolon
Signed-off-by: Byron Ruth <>
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cdn 2.4.0 Release
demo Wrap initial demo contents in element
gallery Update gallery to use new structure
spec Fix sequence of registering templates
src Add missing semicolon
.gitignore Add cdn/ directory to repo for CDN auto-publishing
.groc.json Remove all remaining CoffeeScript references
.jshintrc Remove overly restrictive quotmark JSHint option
.travis.yml Disable sudo for container-based builds by Travis Fix typo in 'git clone' step
Gruntfile.js Add cdn/ directory to repo for CDN auto-publishing
LICENSE Initial commit
config.json Initial commit for context UI
package.json 2.4.1 Beta
specConfig.js Various improvements and overall stability to current tests

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