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To install, please follow the steps described in the user manual.

Enjoy the module!

=== Changelog ===

== v1.4.0 ==
* Release as GPL

== v1.3.1 ==
* Fixed issue with Backup and Restore button on admin product panel

== v1.3.0 ==
* Fixed WHMCS 5.2 compatibility issue

== v1.2.0 ==
* Updated license file

== v1.1.9 ==
* Changed encoding method to ascii for easier installation

== v1.1.8 ==
* Changed input class from button to btn on customer screen
* Updated license file

== v1.1.7 ==
* Added alert before restoring account in client area
* Moved some hard coded text to the language file

== v1.1.6 ==
* Fixed issue with restore account link in client area not correct if WHMCS installed in a sub folder

== v1.1.5 ==
* Fixed issue with restore account not appearing in client area

== v1.1.4 ==
* Fixed issue when using non secure communication with server
* Removed error reporting

== v1.1.3 ==
* Fixed issue with curl error not being retrieved correctly

== v1.1.2 ==
* Updated license expiration date

== v1.1.1 ==
* Fixed issue with restore of account failing if the account already exists
* Improved display of messages following a restore
* Added sync of DNS zone after restore

== v1.1.0 ==
* Added possibility for clients to restore backups
* Fixed issue with restore in case of homedir setting
* Initialise destination server to origin server when launching the addon
* Added extra inline documentation
* Fixed issue with non SSL restore

== v1.0.3 ==
* Removed displays of errors

== v1.0.2 ==
* Added check to see if addon table has been created during activation
* Fixed repeated display of license alerts
* Added cpanel server password authentication

== v1.0.1 ==
* Fixed issue with databases and subdomains not begin restored
* Fixed display of restore log message
* Made some small adjustments to ease navigation
* Fixed issue with automation hook not firing

== v1.0.0 ==
* Initial release

=== Planned for future release ===
* Set an automatical backup by whmcs


WHMCS cPanel backup and restore addon



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