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Camara Lucida is an open-source software toolkit for artists, programmers and designers to make ludic interfaces and digital artifacts based on real-time projection mapping on physical objects.

It uses a 3d Camera-Projector system with a RGBD camera (a kinect) to make a 3d representation of the scene and project graphics on top of physical objects in real-time.

It has two modules: a calibration module and a render module / OpenFrameworks addon. The calibration module is made on top of RGBDemo by Nicolas Burrus. It calibrates the projector-camera system and saves the calibration data. The render module takes care of loading the data, set up the graphics pipeline to render from the projector viewpoint, make a 3d mesh from the depth map and render custom graphics to a texture applied on the 3d mesh.

Calibration tutorial

Christian Parsons
Mariano Tepper


openframeworks 0.8.0

ofxOpenNI v1.0 https://github.com/gameoverhack/ofxOpenNI/tree/v1.0