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NEWS Update version to 0.6.1.
README Cleanup for release.
THANKS Cleanup for release. Update nestk. New script to fix the bundle nightmare. Improve compilation on MacOSX. Update nestk.


Demo software to visualize, calibrate and process Kinect output

This software was partly developed in the RoboticsLab and aims at providing a simple toolkit to
start playing with Kinect data.

The code is based on the freenect library, 
the OpenNI library, OpenCV,
and PCL

The demos are based on a library called nestk. The library itself is
easy to integrate to an existing project using cmake: just copy the
nestk folder as a subfolder of your project and you should be able to
start working with Kinect data. You can get a tutorial to get started
there: .


* New demos!
* GPU acceleration using OpenCL
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