True-color terminal image visualization library with command-line interface for python
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True-Color Terminal Image visualization library for Python

A tool to view images or matrices directly in your (true-color supporting) terminal. Great for debugging purposes!

Install using pip

$ pip install 'git+git://'


Example in Python:

import numpy as np
from tctim import imprint

# make some data to visualize
grid = np.mgrid[:32, :32]
dist = ((np.array([15.5, 15.5])[:,None,None] - grid)**2).sum(axis=0)**.5

# print to console

# make some colorful data
col = np.stack([np.zeros_like(dist), dist, -dist], axis=-1)

# save file to read later with CLI
from imageio import imsave

# rescale data
lo, hi = col.min(), col.max()
img = ((col - lo) * 255./(hi-lo)).clip(0., 255.).astype(np.uint8)
imsave('/tmp/someimage.png', img)

There is also a commandline-interface included:

$ tctim /tmp/someimage.png