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Collection of Advanced Commands and Troubleshooting tools that layer on top of the exisitng NimblePowerShellToolkit
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This is a PowerShell module is designed to operate as a layer above the NimblePowerShellToolk and adds support for pipeline input from various Microsoft commands and also offers saftey checks as well as troubleshooting commands.

If you currently are not using the NimblePowerShellToolkit, please download it and connect to your Nimble Storage via the 'Connect-NSGroup' command before using any of these Advanced Commands.

This is not fully featured or tested and new resilient commands are being added all the time, but pull requests would be welcome! Instructions

One time setup

# Download the repository
# Unblock the zip
# Extract the NimbleAdvancedPowerShellToolkit folder to a module path (e.g. $env:USERPROFILE\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\)

#Simple alternative, if you have PowerShell 5, or the PowerShellGet module:
    Install-Module NimbleAdvancedPowerShellToolkit

Import the module.

Import-Module NimbleAdvancedPowerShellToolkit    #Alternatively, Import-Module \\Path\To\NimbleAdvancedPowerShellToolkit

Get commands in the module

Get-Command -Module NimbleAdvancedPowerShellToolkit

Get help

Get-Help Get-NIMObject -Full
Get-Help about_NimbleAdvancedPowerShellToolkit
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