A command-line Remember the Milk client written in perl
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           .o8                                       `888   `"'  
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 888       888    888   888   888  8888888 888        888   888  
 888       888 .  888   888   888          888   .o8  888   888  
d888b      "888" o888o o888o o888o         `Y8bod8P' o888o o888o 


rtm-cli is a command-line todo list in perl that uses Remember the Milk as a backend. It can be used from the shell, or in a simple text-based interactive mode.

This not a to-do list manager that tries to be complex or fancy. If you use multiple lists, tags, geolocation, times or other crazy features, this is not the client for you. If you want a clean, text-based, dead simple task list that you can sync to the web, then read on. 


|   ----------------------                                                     
|   0:	file report with boss                             	Jul 13         
|   1:	finish script                                     	Jul 13         
|   2:	laundry                                           	Jul 13         
|   ----------------------                                                     
|   3:	get milk                                          	Jul 14         
|   ----------------------                                                     
|   4:	make dentist appt                                 	___            
|   5:	plan vacation                                     	___            
|   ---------------------------------------------------------------------      
|   (a)dd  (r)emove  (c)omplete  (p)ostpone  (d)ate  (h)elp  (q)uit            
|   :                                                                          


Makes use of the WebService::RTMAgent from cpan.  It can be installed on most Linux systems by running:

   cpan install WebService::RTMAgent

If you do not have an account at www.rememberthemilk.com, sign up for one before proceeding.

Make the rtm file executable, and make sure it's in your PATH.  The first time you use the program, you'll need to authorize to access your Remember The Milk account. To do this, run

   > rtm authorize

then copy the URL into your web browser and log in.


Running the script with no arguments starts interactive mode.

interactive rtm-cli purposely supports only a few options:

- add (a) a new task. 

- complete (c) a new task. 

- change the due date (d) of a task

- postpone (p) a task to make the due date one day later

- remove (r) a task

- reload the list (l) from the server

- help (h) lists the available options

- quit (q) the program

rtm-cli also accepts command line arguments, which allows you to do a few things more quickly:

Add a task:

  > rtm add taskname

Or even shorter:

  > rtm a task

List today's tasks:

  > rtm today

List all tasks:

  > rtm list

Print usage:

  > rtm help


- rtm-cli relies on RTM's server side parsing to do intelligent things with dates, so that "buy milk tomorrow" adds the task "buy milk" with a date of tomorrow.

- future versions will include some or all of the following features
   - shortcut syntax (i.e. "c 3" to complete item 3)
   - number ranges "r 3-5" to remove tasks 3 through 5 (also csv: "r 4,6,7")
   - support for undo
- contributions and feedback are welcomed.  <chrisamiller@gmail.com>

- rtm-cli was originally forked from http://www.rutschle.net/rtm/  The code no longer bears much resemblance to the original.

- rtm-cli is released under the GPL2 license (see source for details).