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Android port of Simon Tatham's Puzzles. *git replace in use* - you might want to {{ git fetch origin 'refs/replace/*:refs/replace/*' }}


Going to clone this? Consider including replace refs

This repository includes old git-svn commits that predate upstream's move
to git. History will look slightly nicer if, after cloning, you do:

    git fetch origin 'refs/replace/*:refs/replace/*'

Sadly github itself does not appear to support replacement so you will still
see duplicates there.

How to work on the Android port of Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection

...without writing any code

Good bug reports and well-thought-out feature suggestions are always helpful.
The issue tracker is:

Simon has an excellent page on how to write a good bug report:

Need to add/change some graphics? The sources live in
app/src/main/graphics-sources and were converted to icons with

Coders should read on...


Some knowledge of Android Development and/or C, and ideally JNI, depending
on what you want to work on: the puzzles themselves are in C, most
Android-specific code is in Java, and JNI (Java Native Interface) is the
API bridge between the two.

If you have the option, a Linux-based development machine, as I haven't
tried to build on Windows or OSX, and it will need some tweaks.

Android Studio

Android NDK (Native Development Kit)

Create with ndk.dir=/your_path_here

...and I probably missed a few things. File a bug when you find them. :-)

Getting/configuring the source

The source lives at - you can
either clone/download it from there, or make your own fork on github
(the Fork button near the top right). A fork means you can easily send
me a "pull request" of your change, and I can review and integrate it,
all within github.

You'll also find a branch called "upstream", which is Simon's code whenever
I last synced. Handy for diffs, to see what I broke on Android. :-)

You should now be able to edit, build and launch the app like any other Android
project (except a lot of it is in C). Don't forget that you'll be signing with
a dev key, so to test on a device that already has the Google Play version,
uninstall that first.

Architecture / where to find stuff

Simon has some excellent docs here:

Go and read those, at least the Introduction.

The Android front-end (android.c) is basically just glue, passing everything to
Java. The Java classes providing the UI layer, game chooser, etc. are in
app/src/main/java.  The main class SGTPuzzles has the native methods that
android.c implements. The game area on screen is a GameView, which basically
just has a bitmap for the puzzle to draw on. Note that almost no native code is
run until the user has chosen a game (unless there's a previous game to resume).

Files for other platforms etc. that are not currently usable in this fork are
in the not-in-use directory.

If your change is relevant to other platforms, you should definitely ping Simon
about it as well as me, but test on at least one other platform first in a
separate checkout (see above).

Major changes e.g. adding a game

At this level you especially need to think carefully about other platforms.
One of the best features of this collection is its relative consistency across
different environments, and the Android port should continue that.

If adding a game, definitely read the relevant chapter (6) of Simon's
development docs, and add the new game to the places I've gone and duplicated
the list just for Android...

...and possibly others.

Happy hacking! :-)

--Chris Boyle
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